Precision knives and blades for packaging and food processing

Guillotine Knives & Blades

A speciality of Adcut Knives are our guillotine knives and blades. We offer the world's largest choice of precision bevelled edged knives and blades for your cut-off, packaging and food processing applications.

Adcut Knives super sharp honed cutting edges are unbeatable at no extra cost for your most demanding applications.

Adcut Knives can manufacture in continuous bevelled lengths, guillotine knives up to 3 meters in length by 300 mm in width, in a thickness range from 0,80mm to 3mm.

Guillotine Knives & Blades

From the Ultra modern steel mills of Sheffield, England Adcut Knives offer Hardened and tempered Spring Steels and Stainless steels in different grades from coils or cut to length strips, squared or bevelled edge.